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If you are under the impression that you’ve done everything, I think you shouldn’t rush with your conclusions.

Have you ever dug pits with an excavator? Have you moved soil from one side to the other with a multifunctional excavator? Here’s an activity you missed. As ‘scary’ as it looks like, this excavator, which you can test in Turda, became ‘gentle’ under the helm of our colleague, Mirela. Although the title of this activity is ‘Big Boys’ Toys – Experience with a super excavator’, I think the ‘metal beast’ (as we like to call it) feels much better when it’s driven by a beautiful lady. Beauty is the one who turn the scary Beast into a charming prince, right? Though, I think my little daughter, who loves ‘Beauty and the Beast’ would be against this comparison.

‘It was very entertaining for a lady like me to test an excavator, she says, smiling. I was very curious to experience driving such a vehicle, which is, usually, destined to be used by a man. It makes you feel strong!” Mirela states.

Therefore, we all headed to the scene to support our brave colleague. The activity went according to the plan and our guests of honor, the team behind the ‘Urban Adventure’ show on TVR 2, also had a lot of fun watching as Mirela spent 45 minutes on top of the ‘metal beast’.