Avoid these mistakes when offering gifts

Picking up the right gift for someone can prove to quite a challenge sometimes. You don’t want to disappoint or even offend the celebrated. Instead of spending money on an improper gift, read the following list of the gravest mistakes you can make and some solutions which are guaranteed to work.

1) The same gift offered twice to the same person

‘I happened to offer a friend the same book twice. Two years had passed and I forgot I had already offered him that book before. My friend had a good laugh. Even today, he owns two copies of the same book, which has an inverted mermaid on its cover.’ This is the story of Christian, who works at a bank. Now, Christian has an account on a site which specializes in gifts and he has a clear record of what gifts he made to whom. He connects with a username and password and checks it out every time he needs to buy gifts. You can use this solution too and avoid making the same mistake.

2) Clothes too large or too small

Are you calling her fat? Or are you under the impression that he’s that small? Let your loved ones pick their own clothes.

3) Used stuff

Don’t gift wrap a book that already has your name written on it or coffee stains on the pages or pen markings throughout the text! It represents bad taste and it leaves the impression that you are a miser.

4) Improper gifts

If he has a problem with alcohol and he wants to quit, don’t offer him whisky. If he’s a non-smoker, don’t give him cigarettes! If he has diabetes, don’t bring him a big box with a purple cow on it (chocolate)! Don’t buy him perfume if he’s asthmatic. If she’s a grandmother, don’t offer her a mini skirt. For a teenager, a doll is an improper gift! Think before buying! And don’t forget, never give someone a book on weight-loss diets! I won’t even bother explaining why.

5) Gifts which depend on taste

Home decorations, vases or crockery are considered things which people choose for themselves. You put someone in a delicate position if you offer these as gifts. It would be disrespectful to you if he/she doesn’t keep them in sight and it would be really stressful for him/her to have to see them every day out of respect. Pets also fit this category. A hamster might be cute for you, but it could be frightening for your niece.

Solutions which work every time

If you are looking for an original gift, which shows someone how much you appreciate them, it’s not mandatory to offer them a material present. Nowadays, you can find online Supermarkets, from where you can purchase activity gifts, life experiences and adventures which you can offer to your loved ones. If you have only offered objects as gifts before, now you can choose experiences which will leave the celebrated with lasting impressions and unforgettable memories.

ActivityGift Supermarket gives you the opportunity to generate an elegant voucher, which contains your name, the celebrated’s name and a nice message from you. All you need to do is choose an activity from the site and generate your gift voucher immediately.

You can choose water activities, such as Romantic Sailing Cruise or Sailing Lesson, underwater activities, such as Scuba Diving Lesson or grounded activities, such as Enduro Experience or Off-Road Lesson.

Scubadiving in Bucuresti, Cluj, Oradea, Timisoara, Baia MareActivities which involve flight are also very effective gifts. You can choose between Scenic Flights in over 30 cities from Romania, Flying Lessons or even a Dog Fight (a battle simulation between two airplanes).

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For more pretentious people, you can purchase helicopter flight vouchers: Scenic flight, Champagne Flight or Heli Dining (a helicopter flight which includes landing at a restaurant, having dinner, and returning to the take-off area).

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Choose memorable gift experiences!