Best Bucharest activities


Choose the best Bucharest activities. Purchase one of our amazing gift vouchers and then offer it as a gift. We have experiences which can be completed in two. Therefore, you can bring a special person and then have fun together.

Offer someone the thrills of the first flight with an Airplane Flying Lesson. One of the best Bucharest activities, this lesson includes a bit of theory and a practical part. During the second stage of the lesson, the instructor takes off and shows the celebrated a few basic maneuvers.

Best Bucharest activities – Adrenaline

If you are looking for the perfect Bucharest activities for a marriage proposal, you are in the right place. Choose Sky Banner – Message on the Sky. Tell us the message you want to deliver and then we will produce the banner and book the flight. After that, all you need to do is set a location, show up on time with your special someone and let the banner do its magic. This is an amazing way to declare your love or to launch an unforgettable proposal.

For adrenaline enthusiasts, you can acquire an Experience with a Rally Car. Experience the unique sensation as you learn how to drive a car equipped for rally competitions. The activity begins with a short theory session, followed by a demonstration by the instructor and then the celebrated can take the wheel for 10 minutes.

Our Bucharest activities list also includes unique experiences such as a Hot air balloon flying lesson. The celebrated will learn how to assemble the balloon and then the aircraft takes off. After that, the next part of the lesson begins – the celebrated will learn how to maneuver the balloon during flight.

Choose our amazing Bucharest activities! Go to our online store now and purchase the best gifts! If these suggestions are not enough, don’t worry, you can find hundreds of activities in the store!

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