How to choose a gift

Choosing a gift must be a pleasure for you, since it reflects how much you value the celebrated. It’s true, choosing the perfect gift is not an easy thing, but what would life be without a little challenge?

1. An inspired gift is always well-received

Where are the muses of gift ideas?! Wherever they are, they can stay there because we created this online platform which helps us choose the best gifts. For her or for them, daring or romantic, adventurer, athlete or cautious, shy or explorer; they all need challenges and now you have the opportunity to offer them an experience they will never forget. Our team of ‘activists’ is present, trained and inspired to help you (with a little help from our CTO – Creative Tech Officer – the coffee machine) the moment you desperately need advice regarding gifts that are meant to leave a lasting impression. We live in a society focused on overconsumption and we are lead by the desire of buying useless items. We showed up courageous, willing to change perspectives on offering gifts. We will help you offer experiences which will make your loved ones happy.

2. Experiences are above material gifts

We rarely share stories about blouses, jackets or earrings with our loved ones. Instead, we share our feelings, we talk about happiness and the memories of some of the most amazing moments in our lives.

I love saying that memories don’t have an expiration date, they don’t rust or break or rot. They don’t make us sad for losing them and we don’t forget having them.
We share our experiences with colleagues, friends, family and even with strangers we meet at work or at the bar, over a beer or a hot chocolate, on holiday or at the market. We brag with our memories on Facebook, we keep them in photographs and we write about them on blogs. They are our feelings and experiences, they can’t be stolen from us or censored. We own the full copyrights for them.
Join the people who always have an amazing experience to share and who re-live it every time they remember it.

3. ActivityGifts Voucher – The gifts of our times

We have gathered hundreds of experiences under the same roof; just waiting for you to offer them as an elegant voucher. Choosing such and activity gift has several advantages:

  • You can enjoy the benefits of the voucher as well. Activities such as Dinner at the palace and limousine in Bucharest or Scenic airplane flight with guests or Champagne Flight were created to satisfy both you and the person to whom you are offering the voucher.
  • The voucher has a double effect: the first one takes place the moment you are offering the voucher: the idea of living an unforgettable adventure. The thrills will make you shiver; you will imagine how it’s going to be, what you’ll be wearing, what photos you will take. The second effect is the amazing moment when the activity takes place. The voucher is valid for 12 months, so you have plenty of time to schedule and complete your activity.
  • Another major advantage is that the activity printed on your voucher can be exchanged. She didn’t feel  the thrills from the start or she changed her mind in the meantime? You know how women are: now they want exquisite dinners and massages and tomorrow they feel like going skydiving or cave exploring. We are ready for both ‘seasons’ and we can’t wait to offer you and the celebrated unique experiences!